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Medical Device Solutions

Your Global Partner for Innovative Medical Device Solutions

VistaMed along with our Global Partner Freudenberg Medical proactively develops innovative and cost effective solutions that can help your organization accelerate time to market. Whether you’re looking to white label a new and innovative device, improve your next generation catheter and delivery system, or reduce time when building new feature sets into your products, Freudenberg Medical’s growing portfolio of finished device, design and process solutions can meet your needs.

Device Solutions

Finished, white label medical devices that can be readily incorporated into commercial product portfolios

  • FlexSeal® Introducer Sheath with Hydrophilic Coating
  • HyperSeal® Introducer Sheath with Hydrophilic Coating



Design Solutions 

Component and subassembly solutions that can be directly incorporated into new and next gen product development projects to facilitate shorter development times and lower development costs.

  • Composer® Deflectable Catheter Handle Platform
  • FlexSeal® Hemostasis Valve
  • HyperSeal® Hemostasis Valve
  • CertuSeal® Hemostasis Valve
  • E-Pro™ Hypotubes



Process Solutions

Manufacturing process solutions that expand design options, enhance material/device performance and decrease production costs

  • Composite Catheter Shafts
  • Cambus Coat™
  • Mµ-Coat & Rho-Coat™ Lubricious Coatings
  • Advanced Extrusions



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