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Introducer Sheaths with Hydrophilic Coating

FlexSeal® and HyperSeal® Introducer Sheaths offer state of the art product design and robust clinical solutions to help your organization quickly meet increasing market demands in large bore procedures.


Adjustable and easy to use valve designed to

• Improve procedural workflow
• Increase tactile feel and control

Robust hemostasis and valve durability

• Maintains hemostasis after multiple, large catheter insertions
• Supports complex procedures requiring multiple devices or a wide range of device sizes

Exceptional kink resistance

• Composite shaft that balances flexibility and pushability
• Inserts through challenging anatomies while maintaining lumen patency

Superior trackability

• Hydrophilic coating provides improved insertion and tracking
• Shaft and dilator profile enables smooth insertion performance


Incorporates an automatically adjusting hemostasis valve that constantly adapts to minimize drag and maintain hemostasis. Uses the same high performance shaft and dilator as the FlexSeal® Introducer Sheath.


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