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Multi-Layer Tubing

A tri-layer extrusion is a single lumen tube comprised of three discrete layers. VistaMed has the ability to design and build a wide range three layer material combinations. These combinations can include, but are not limited to:

  • Pebax 
  • Polyamide 
  • Polyurethane 
  • Polyethylene 
  • Polyester
  • EFEP
  • Tie-Layer Material
  • Blends

Multi-layered medical tubing

Tri-layer structure allows the extrusion to have unique characteristics throughout the tube:

  • Lubricious ID: Inner layer material having a low co-efficient of friction
  • Physical Properties: Layer Materials can be tailored to increase burst strength, decrease elongation or improve tensile strength.
  • Bondability: Outer layer material that allows for bonding to other polymeric materials or Ink.
  • Tie-Layer: Tri-layer tubing provides two non-compatible materials the ability to bond together.
  • Encapsulation: Non-medical material/ingredient to be encapsulated between two medical-grade layers.