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We are a team of high performers who deliver energy & execution for our Customers.

We have a wide range of opportunities within VistaMed. If you have not found a suitable position in our job database, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application here.


VistaMed are a leading provider of complex extrusions, finished catheters and devices to the minimally invasive medical device industry.  We are “one stop shop” solution for the Design, Manufacture, Assembly, Sterilisation and Distribution of Catheters’.


  • We in VistaMed aspire to a company ethos that stimulates innovation, communication, motivation, teamwork and concern for our fellow Employees.
  • We recognise that our greatest assests are our Employees and to this end we endeavour to promote a spirit of co-operation, participation, and partnership within all aspects of our business.


  • Our mission is to excite our customers by creating innovative catheter solutions and enable them to benefit from best in class products.


  • All of us together are stronger and wiser than any of us individually. We will foster within our company the attitude of a championship team; a spirit of enthusiasm, dedication and fun while working together in the pursuit of common goals. We will be recognised as a company that cares about our customers, our products, our company, and one another.
  • We value the diversity of our fellow workers and believe in the dignity and worth of every individual. Every job is important and must be performed well if we are to succeed. The company encourages personnel growth and fulfillment in one’s career.


Make a material difference.

We offer the opportunity to grow your Career within VistaMed, as we grow.

Our highly talented team are committed people that enable us to be the best and remain leaders in our field and deliver a first-class service to our clients. We understand that our team are the drivers of the company and therefore we are committed to ensuring personal development, safety, happiness and prosperity for all our employees.

  •  Aurimas Aurimas Supply Chain Assistant

    “At VistaMed I find myself working with a large group of friendly & helpful professionals. VistaMed created an opportunity for me to progress within my career and in return I gladly search for everyday improvements to help VistaMed going forward”

  • Jennifer Jennifer Accounts Assistant

    “What really impresses me in VistaMed is the focus on continuous improvement and the opportunities to progress. VistaMed recognises and values your ambitions"

  • Alina Alina Team Leader

    “VistaMed provide personal development, every day you can learn something new. This has allowed me to step forward in my career which makes it a very satisfying workplace”