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VistaMed has many years of experience developing and manufacturing complex catheter systems for demanding applications.

We supply catheters for all areas of the medical device market including; Cardiology, Electrophysiology, Urology, Endoscopy, Neurology and Pain Management. In addition to extrusion, we offer a wide range of secondary operations that can be used to assemble a complete catheter.

Utilising our experience in advanced delivery solutions from Stent systems, Pain management, A Fib management and Neurovascular therapies, we can provide innovative and cost effective solutions for any type of medical device.


  • Polymer laser drilling of small diameter holes.
  • Profiled laser ablation
  • Selective polymer ablation on braided and coiled shafts

Hole Drilling

  • Manual, CNC hole drilling, oval port punching and skiving
  • Hole sizes less than 0.2mm


VistaMed has the ability to employ adhesive bonding processes for various attachments. In addition to adhesive bonding, VistaMed has capabilities to heat bond materials together


Using RF heat technology, VistaMed can create a traumatic tip shapes on the end of your catheter. A comprehensive range of tipping capabilities are available from VistaMed:

  • Opened or closed tips
  • Taper tips
  • Radius tips
  • Welded soft tips
  • Radiopaque tips
  • Shaped tips
  • Expandable tips
  • Typical tip length 3-6mm


VistaMed has both pad printing and ink jet printing capabilities in order meet different types of printing requirements. Be it location marks, graduation marks, logos or part numbers, we have the printing technology in house to print this information on your device.


Packaging, Labelling and Sterilization

VistaMed is able to package, label and coordinate the sterilization of your product.

Marker band application

  • Crimped
  • Swaged
  • Reflowed
  • Platinum Iridium


  • Hydrophilic
  • Electro Conductive

Manufacturing Facility

With 28,000 sq. ft. of Class 7&8 clean room space we can accommodate your device delivery system needs in an ultra-modern manufacturing facility.

At VistaMed we have the technology and experience to help you deliver your devices or therapy efficiently and effectively.

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