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VistaMed specialize in both injection moulding and over-moulding of thermoplastic components and micro-components for Minimally Invasive medical devices.

Over-moulding services are provided in conjunction with metal, braided & extruded shaft sub-assemblies, including:

  • Y-connectors
  • Multi lumen joiners
  • Strain reliefs
  • Other assemblies

VistaMed has the resources to Design and Develop complex intricate components for the medical device industry.

We have the experience & expertise to take your medical device from concept to the market (with a comprehensive technical file and validated processes) on time & within budget.

With our range of over-moulding capabilities – VistaMed can offer both low & high volume moulding services.

With many years experience of over moulding catheter and needle configurations VistaMed can offer fast turnaround times while conforming to the strictest quality requirements.

VistaMed offer a diverse range of insert moulding capabilities including:

  • Catheter hubs in both flexible and rigid materials
  • Flexible polyurethane catheter tips
  • Needle hub moulding

Manufacturing Facility

With 28,000 sq. ft. of Class 7&8 clean room space we can accommodate your device delivery system needs in an ultra-modern manufacturing facility.

At VistaMed we have the technology and experience to help you deliver your devices efficiently and effectively.

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