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Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

Capitalize on a global footprint.

We are global medical technology specialists with over 30 years of experience in medical device and pharmaceutical applications.

90% of the manufacturing cost is defined within the design phase; therefore a holistic approach is required.  Our highly experienced, cross-functional teams get involved in the design process early and think out of the box to find the best manufacturing options to manage the cost, processability and quality of the components, sub-assemblies, and devices. 

We offer a breadth of services that utilize lean manufacturing principals to exceed customer expectations: 

  • Exclusive focus on medical device and pharmaceutical markets
  • Full range of services from prototyping through final assembly
  • Low volume to high volume manufacturing – from manual to fully automated
  • Extensive tooling capabilities
  • Leading material and process expertise across a wide range of manufacturing technologies
  • Large pool of expertise with over 200 engineers in 11 locations around the globe
  • Unrivaled 30 years of lean manufacturing expertise

Put our highly skilled team to work for you.