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Coiling Capabilities

VistaMed offer an ever expanding range of wire coiling capabilities. Our knowledge, experience, specialized equipment and automation capabilities allow a great deal of flexibility.


  • Micro Coiling of Wire Sizes 0.0008” (.02 mm) and Up
  • Coils up to 100” (254 cm) and longer if required
  • Round, Flat, Ribbon, and Custom profile wires, Variable pitch, Variable diameter and Variable tension on close wound coils
  • Tight Tolerances on Diameter, Pitch and Length


  • All Medical Grade Stainless Steel Alloys
  • Cored, Coated and Plated Wires
  • Radiopaque including Tungsten & Tantalum

Coil Dimensions

  • Smallest Coil: OD 0.18mm
  • Largest Coil: OD 49.50 mm
  • Smallest Wire: 0.018mm
  • Largest Wire: 1mm

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